Project Outcomes

Project Outcomes

Co-Age Volunteers works against the social alienation of young people and older people and connects different generations of the neighbouring country by promoting youth volunteering for older people.

Co-AGE Volunteers Bilateral Model for intergenerational volunteerism

The Intergenerational Volunteering Strategy & Action Plan aims to improve the recognition of volunteering and strengthen its acceptance as a valuable example of informal learning with labour market benefits.

Practical Handbook for intergenerational volunteering

Volunteering plays an important role in developing social competences and other soft skills relevant to the labour market. You can download the handbook here.

Training and mentoring for volunteers

Training of young volunteers, support of cross-border cooperation and knowledge transfer, as well as the creation of framework conditions for transnational volunteering through cooperation of volunteer organisations.

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Co-AGE Volunteers Network

Cross-border, sustainable, multidisciplinary network of Slovak and Austrian organisations focusing on youth education, volunteer coordination or intergenerational solidarity, supported by a Youth Volunteer Strategy and Action Plan and educational activities.