The Project


A project to promote intergenerational cooperation and volunteering between Austria and Slovakia

Co-AGE Volunteers connects people across generations and borders between Austria and Slovakia to address demographic imbalances.

The overall objective of the project is to promote closer/better cross-border cooperation between voluntary organisations, public institutions, civil organisations and other relevant stakeholders in the Slovak-Austrian border region in order to strengthen intergenerational volunteering and to promote volunteer education.

YouTube video about the project

Our Objectives:

  • Promoting cross-border and intergenerational cooperation in the region
  • Strengthening the voluntary engagement of young people
  • Creation of a cross-border network of volunteers and voluntary organisations
To achieve the project goals
  • we develop an intergenerational volunteering strategy and action plan to promote youth volunteering
  • we strengthen the capacity of local/regional institutions and specialised organisations (social and health care) to train volunteers
  • we create the organisational framework for cross-border volunteering by developing a bilateral model and network of volunteers and volunteer organisations
Project region
  • The project activities take place mainly in the border area between Austria and Slovakia.
Main results of the project
  • Development of the Intergenerational Volunteer Strategy & Action Plan and the ‘CO-AGE Volunteers’ bilateral model to strengthen youth volunteering
  • Establishment of the Co-AGE Volunteer Network to strengthen intergenerational and cross-border volunteer cooperation
  • Development of a practice-oriented handbook on intergenerational volunteering
  • Provision of knowledge content on the e-learning platform moodle
  • Establishment of a sustainable cross-border network to strengthen volunteer training in the region
  • Conception and implementation of the volunteer training and the volunteer pilot project
  • Design of an accompanying mentoring programme
Public events
  • 16.06.2021 Opening Conference (online)
  • tba.: Local public events for young and old (quiz competitions, flea markets, etc.)
  • October 2022: Closing Conference in Slovakia
Participation opportunities
  • As an organisation, would you like to become part of the cross-border Co-AGE Volunteers Network and send or host volunteers?
  • You would like to become a mentor as a staff member of a social organisation that employs volunteers?
  • You would like to work as a volunteer in Austria/Slovakia?

Then please feel free to contact us!